Highbrow’s new blog!


Welcome to Highbrow’s sparkly new blog. Here you can find out about new content, content providers, our thoughts on recent news articles and anything else we find interesting! Oh, and we’ll let you know about all the fun competitions that we plan to run over the next couple of weeks… (stay tuned for our famous Fingerlings giveaway!) Please feel free to comment your thoughts, suggest topics for us to discuss, and share articles with your friends and family. We think this will be a great way for us to connect with you.

We’re excited to announce that Highbrow was featured in the Evening Standard today, The Evening Standard has a daily readership of 1.5million so this was a fantastic opportunity for more people to learn about us and our mission to create an educational platform which allows children to watch safe and enriching content. The article draws attention to the recent children’s content controversies, which confirmed to us the importance of creating safe platforms for kids to watch digital content. Check out the article here:


We’re very busy working on lots of new ventures for the New Year. We’ll keep you updated!

Priyanka Raswant
Chief-Everything-Officer, Co-Founder​ & Mum of 1
Highbrow​….imagine & become!

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