UN Arabic Language Day


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44 years ago on this day, the United Nations approved Arabic as the official UN language, and over 420 million people speak Arabic across the globe today. Arabic has 11 words for love (each of which describes a stage in the process of falling in love) and 100 different words for camel. And what better day to introduce one of our Arabic content creators – Adam Wa Mishmish

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Adam Wa Mishmish is an educational video series created for children to learn and love the Arabic language. It is aimed at ages 0 to 5, and all episodes are music based. Each episode is between 1 to 3 minutes long and focuses on a different subject each time, ranging from alphabets, numbers, musical instruments, animals etc…

The team consists of a Mother, a Father and an Aunt. Luma and Ibrahim had a son in 2014 and they named him Adam. They struggled to find online content in Arabic that could teach him his mother tongue and that would capture his attention. Along with his Aunt (Lina), they used to make up songs for him that would teach him the basics they wanted him to learn, like the alphabet, numbers, shapes and so on. He was captivated by the music, and that was when they realized that they had something that could make a difference in the educational industry. With a background in music and education, Luma, Lina and Ibrahim came together to create this educational cartoon series.

Check out this inspiring video on the four seasons in Arabic:



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Priyanka Raswant
Chief-Everything-Officer, Co-Founder​ & Mum of 1
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